Hello and welcome to my eFolio. My name is Karly Armentrout and I am a senior at Holy Cross College, graduating in December of 2013 with a degree in Communications and a marketing minor. I am originally from Mishawaka, Indiana and attended Purdue University for 2 years before I moved back home and transferred to Holy Cross College. My efolio is an opportunity for you to see how I have grown throughout my college experience. I have gained not only a great education from Holy Cross, but most importantly, many opportunities for hands on experiences which has allowed me to take my skills and knowledge and apply them in real life situations. 

I have worked so hard throughout my 4 and half years of college at full times jobs in order to pay my tuition and bills. My hard work and motivation has enabled me to make it through, but without the help of Holy Cross College I may not have the courage or skills to take my degree and put myself out there. I am grateful for the doors Holy Cross College has opened for me and am so excited to step through them upon my graduation this December. 

My eFolio is a place for you to find out about me and the steps I have taken to complete my journey through college. Please use the tabs at the top of my page to navigate through the site and learn more about me and my experience. Additionally, feel free to come see my Capstone presentation at 2:30 on November 18, 2013 in Holy Cross College's Pfeil Center. Thank you!